Thursday, December 9, 2010

She Needs a Home

This sweet face belongs to another pit bull who was dumped at Friendswood's Animal Control.  If a Rescue group does not pull her from the shelter the only way she will leave is to go to the crematorium.  This breed has gotten an undeserved bad reputation and I believe they are not any more violent or aggressive than a Labrador Retriever that has been mistreated or trained to fight.  This dog is very calm, friendly, and sweet and she only has a few days before her time runs out.  Please share her photo and ask others to send it on also and maybe she will be a pit bull we can save.


  1. How tragic. I hope she finds a good home! Your photo is fantastic & if seeing that sweet face doesn't prompt SOMEone to rescue her, I can't imagine what will. I posted this blog on my fb page to help get the word out.

  2. It's too late. I should remove this post I guess, but think I will leave it up to show the animals that don't make it. I took her to the vet for a pit bull "evaluation" on Friday and while she passed all the human tests they did to her --- pulling her ears, putting fingers in her mouth, taking treats away, picking her up --- with absolutely no trouble, when other dogs were brought to her she got extremely aggressive. The vet said she could not recommend her for adoption by the public and only a pit bull rescue who could rehabilitate her dog aggression could save her. I had to take her back to our facility to be killed, because they did not give us any time to find that rescue. Sickening.