Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's Addicting

I keep finding more interesting combinations of textures and blending modes to use with those Pink Pom Poms whose real name is Pink Mimosa (Mimosa borealis). The tiny leaves did remind me of a Mimosa tree, so the name certainly fits.  Or isn't there a drink called the Mimosoa?  Maybe that is where the name came from and you feel all pink and fluffy after drinking it. Well, I thought it might be helpful to see the layers I combined as well as the final result.

The first image is 3 stacked images for a little more depth of field.  I still like the edges blurry, so did not mask in the sharp layer there:
Nikon D700, 60mm macro lens 
with Hoya closeup filters at f2.8 and 1/1500th, ISO 400

The next image is another one of mine, an accident that resulted in something circular out of focus in a green frame.  It is from quite a while back and I don't remember what it was, but saved it in my texture file because I knew I would use it someday:

The next layer is a purchased texture from Florabella, the Allure square.  
I added a Hue/Sat layer to make the edges darker green because
without that adjustment the edges were neon green:

And the final result, with the Florabella texture in Divide blending mode:
It's kind of like caffeine --- a little jolting, but cheerful.


  1. The top one doesn't seem to have the leading tips in focus. Is that an optical illusion or really not focused? It think I would like it more if they were clearly in focus with it going soft as your eye goes further down the flower.

    I like seeing the layers you used to get an idea into the thought process. I don't think I care for the neon glow in the bottom one. Others may like it though.

  2. The good thing about experimenting is that you may remember the results and be able to use them in the future.

  3. Doug, all those tips may not be in focus, there are so many at so many different levels but I do have some images with the closest ones in focus...not sure if this is one of those or not. I agree that the neon effect is a bit much, it was due to the Divide blending mode. I just thought it was interesting and maybe that one works for other images, or if someone is into Pop Art...I could even see it used on a different subject in a child's room.