Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dog Decorating

Nikon D700, 60mm macro lens at f3.2, 1/60th, ISO 1600

No, not decorating the dog, but decorating BECAUSE of the dog.  A decade ago when we needed new carpet I specifically looked for something that would hide dog fur as much as possible.  That meant a khaki-toned carpet since Maggie is a yellow Lab and we also had a Golden Retriever at that time.  And that dictated wall colors which in our bedroom became a darker golden khaki. For a while we had a nice comforter but since the dogs think it is their bed too, I finally got a white duvet cover that can be bleached and washed weekly. I know I am not the only dog owner who has gone this route!  I remember seeing new fabrics that are stain resistant and even have various dog images on them, though I have not gone that far...yet.  For my next house I am dreaming of sealed stained concrete floors with drains that can be hosed and squeegeed dry, distressed leather sofas, super-industrial central vac system (and Roombas in every room like my brother), an open floor plan with sliding barn-style doors that can shut off sections, some kind of screen door that the dogs can go in and out of, a dog-shower with hot water too, I could go on and on.  And all those things would work well with grandchildren too....someday.

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  1. You and Barry. Both of you have these great models ready for action. It's not fair!

    Maggie is a natural in front of your camera, but, more importantly, you do a really nice job capturing her. The things that make this one for me are: control of depth of field and the even color pallet.

    Love the fact that you have now discovered high ISOs--1,600 today, 102,000 tomorrow!

    Nicely done.