Friday, February 3, 2012

Difficult Shoots

We have had a rash of the most darling puppies lately at Friendswood Animal Control.  
It has really tried my resolve to not take one home.  I must keep repeating to myself:
"No more puppies, no more puppies, no more puppies..."

This little one was named Snowball temporarily, and she was adopted immediately.

I was very upset when I happened to look at my camera and see that it was set for the lowest quality jpg images...and no RAW at all.  Someone who shall remain nameless had used that camera the day before and I never thought to check that setting.  The small files were fine for the intended use of posting to Petfinder and Facebook and emailing (other than the fact I could not recover some blown highlights), but none are printable at anything larger than  4 x 6 inches, which pretty much breaks my heart.

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