Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just Like Laurie

Just yesterday I watched a webinar by Laurie Excell who is a fantastic (Nikon) landscape and nature photographer as she demonstrated how she uses some of the OnOne software for editing images.  I was surprised when she used Focal Point to get rid of some of the depth of field in one of her dahlia shots.  She selected the center and blurred the petals as if she had shot with an f2.8 aperture instead of the f5.6 she had used. When shooting flower closeups I often take multiple shots of the same composition with different areas in focus to blend them for MORE depth of field and here she was editing her flower for LESS depth.  I have plenty of that kind of shots too, so here is one of mine that did not need special software to edit it with.  Who knew.  Now if I only had her D3 camera and 600mm lens I am sure I could get the same grizzly bear images she does too.


  1. I like the DOF in this shot. nice detail in what's sharp too. I like the geometric pattern in the cone section of the flower.

  2. Nice technique Cindy and I really like the colors on this one.